Soul Boat  2016

Jeff’s personal and ecological work, which includes public commissions, is concerned with the energies and cyclic patterns of nature. Large-scale carved and constructed pieces using ancient tools - axes adzes and gouges and green woodworking techniques working with oak, elm, sweet chestnut etc.

These pieces are often concerned with evoking and depicting the ancient and archetypal energies of landscape, trees, water and stone and seeing them as infused with energy and spirit which connects them deeply to human consciousness and vice versa.




There is a concern with those moments of fusion between human energies and the impersonal processes of the natural world. Movements in the human psyche parallel these processes and transformations, which constantly recreate the world around us.




Forest Chalice 2015
Benches and Phoenix 2012 / 13
Horizontal Flow 2010
"Muck and Miracles" 2009/10
Working Wood 2008
Working Wood 2008
Hainault 2003/2008
Sudbury 2007
Sudbury 2007
Forever Missed  2006
Forever Missed 2006
Friendship Bench  2005
Friendship Bench 2005
Dream of Birds  2005
Dream of Birds  2005
Tiptree   2004
Tiptree   2004
Zarha's Seat  2003
Zarha's Seat  2003
Seedings    2000
Seedings    2000
Re-Create   2000
Re-Create   2000
Leaf Dreams  1999
Leaf Dreams  1999